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Feb 27 2023

Sign up for Spring 3-on-3!

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BPRA is pleased to offer spring 3-on-3 again this year.  Spring 3-on-3 is open to BPRA and Regina players born between the years of 2005 and 2013.  The games will run from March 28th thru April 6th and will be held at the Pilot Butte and Balgonie rinks.  

Consideration will be given to players born in 2014 for the U12 division if space allows.  Please email to be waitlisted.

Cost: $100 for 5 games.  No charge for goalies.
When: March 28th - April 6th
Location: Pilot Butte and Balgonie rinks
Age divisions: U12 (2012-2013), U14 (2010-2011), U16+ (2005-2009). 
Note that registration is based on age divisions for 2023/24 season (not the current season).

Please note the schedule is subject to change.

Register here

If you have any questions, please contact us at or

3 on 3 rules
Three skaters and a goalie from each team are allowed on the ice at one time. A buzzer will sound every 1 minute which will signal a line change for each team. The player who has the ring when the buzzer sounds will leave the ring in that area of the rink, and go to their bench. The players coming on to the ice will try to reach the ring before the other team’s players. None of the players are restricted to a defensive or offensive zone and can go anywhere on the ice surface they choose to. The games will be officiated and normal Ringette playing rules will be applied. If a player commits a penalty, a penalty shot will be awarded to the player who the penalty was committed against. The player who took the penalty will chase and try to check the player taking the penalty shot.

If two goalies (one per team) then goalies will switch sides every 10 to 15 minutes. If three goalies then two will start.  Goalie on the bench will switch with one goalie on the second buzzer.  Then that goalie will switch with the other goalie on the next buzzer. And so on. If four goalies then two will be assigned to each team and one will start for each team.   Goalies will switch on each buzzer.   Goalies will then switch teams at half time.
Parent Volunteers
Each bench requires one parent to open the door to let the kids off the ice and one to let them on.  We also require someone to hit the buzzer every minute and stop the clock on penalty shots.



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