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Annual Coaches Meeting

At least one coach from every BPRA team must participate in the annual Coaches Meeting at the start of each season (except Open teams). This meeting provides coaches with important information about the season, including certification requirements, rule changes, BPRA policies and guidelines, and much more.
The meeting is organized by the BPRA Director of Coaching Development and is attended by the Board Commissioners. The meeting date, time and location are sent to coaches via email.
Bench and Team Staff Registration

Bench and team staff must register online with BPRA each season, in order to be appropriately placed to their teams on TeamLinkt. Online forms will be created each season and are found under the Registration Tab.

For volunteers who are part of more than one bench staff (coaching on more than one team), email the BPRA Registrar directly at, indicating the additional teams to be included on and your role on each.

Criminal Record Check (CRC)

All bench staff 18 years and older, including all coaches and trainers, must have a valid Criminal Record Check (vulnerable sector check) on file with BPRA. CRCs are required by November 1st of each season and are valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

Apply through the White Butte RCMP Detachment or the Regina Police Service.


All coaching and trainer certification requirements and clinic dates are set by Ringette Canada and Ringette Saskatchewan.

Please go to Ringette Saskatchewan’s website for detailed information, including ages and requirements for junior coaches.

To start, all coaches will need to create an account under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). Visit to get started and to register for the appropriate clinics. Clinics will not be available until Ringette Saskatchewan schedules and sets them up in the coaching ringette system. If you have any questions, contact the BPRA Director of Coaching Development or the Ringette Saskatchewan Technical Director directly.

Ringette Saskatchewan has its own specific first aid requirement for every team registered in the province. At least one member of the bench staff, which can be the trainer, must be first aid certified. Proof of certification must be submitted to the BPRA Director of Coaching Development, who then provides it to Ringette Saskatchewan’s Technical Director. Proof of certification must be submitted by December 31st of each season.


All Certification requirements must be completed by December 31st. Failure to fulfill all of the proper certifications by the deadline will result in removal from the team. If a coach is removed from a team, they may be charged for any expenses that have been incurred by the league (i.e., insurance, certifications or course fees).

Claiming Certification Expenses

You can submit the following expenses to BPRA for reimbursement:

  • Coaching Initiation Module ($15)
  • Making Ethical Decisions ($45)
  • Manager’s Certification ($25)

Note: Ringette Saskatchewan organizes coaching clinics for Community Sport Initiation (CSI) and Competition Introduction (CI) and invoices BPRA directly for associated costs. Travel, meal and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the individual and cannot be claimed.

Reimbursement Form