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Registration Policy & Information

  1. A player with outstanding fees from a previous season will not be allowed to register in the current season until those monies are paid in full.
  2. A late fee of $50 will be applied to any base registration after September 1st.  *
  3. There will be a $50 non-refundable fee associated with players who register then unregister. *
  4. Players are not permitted on Buffalo Plains Ringette Association (BPRA) ice, including fall skills camp, try-outs or evaluations, until their registration fees have been paid in full and/or installment arrangements set up.
  5. Any player who wishes to withdraw from Buffalo Plains Ringette is required to make a request to the BPRA Board in writing and will be entitled to a pro-rated refund, less cost of player insurance and a $50 administration fee.  If the request comes after December 31st of the year of registration the fees will be kept in full.
  6. If a player sustains a season-ending injury and a request comes to the Board for a refund due to medical reasons, the decision to offer any refund will be at the discretion of the Board on an individual basis and the amount will be the registration cost, less the $50 non-refundable administration fee, less any expenses incurred in registering the player with the Ringette Association of Saskatchewan and then pro-rate the remaining amount based on time of year the injury occurred.
  7. Before an individual participates in the Buffalo Plains Ringette Association, that individual must be registered with the Registrar of the zone in which they reside.
  8. All player requests to register in a division outside their designated playing division or zone must:
  9. be made in writing to the BPRA Board at the time of registration
  10. state the reasons for the request
  11. it may be beneficial to include a letter of recommendation from a recent coach
  12. Players may register on one team only per season. Anyone registering with more than one team, without proper release, may be suspended for the balance of the season.
  13. Any team using a player before being granted the permission of the Registrar will be liable to automatic forfeiture of any games where such a player is used.
  14. Any player registered with Ringette Association of Saskatchewan during a current playing year is allowed to play on BPRA league ice if they are selected as participants on a Western Canadian Ringette Championship or Canadian Ringette Championship team.
  15. Any team or player sponsorships must be approved by the BPRA Board.
  16. Players aged 18 on, or before, December 31st of the playing season must register in the U19 division. The BPRA Board will make all decisions with regards to 18 year olds playing in the Open (18+) division.

RRA players trying out for U14AA RUSH must register with BPRA league and tryouts, but do not have to pay the league registration fee until after team selections.  Use discount code RRA-U14AA-TRYOUT at the time of registration.

The reason for unregistering is that the player has made a team in another ringette association in a higher skill level or for medical reasons.

Children’s Ringette:

registration will open for those born between 2014-2020.  The base registration fee will be $400.  Evaluations will be held in September to determine which Fundamentals level (1-3) your player will be placed.  This is the level your player will stay in for the duration of the season (October-March).  If your player lands in FUN 3, there will be an invoice sent for the remainder of the registration fee.


Open (18+) Teams:

Initial team registration shall include the coaches’, manager's and treasurer’s names, addresses, phone numbers, every player’s name, address, and birth date on the appropriate form. The League Registrar may require proof of birth date.

No player will be allowed to participate before a transfer is approved, if necessary.

Team registrations must be submitted to the League Registrar by the appointed date for that playing year. Any extensions are at the approval of the Buffalo Plains Ringette Association executive upon recommendation from the appropriate zone.

A team is not eligible to play until the team and its players are properly registered.

Open teams must pay their outstanding fees within 30 days of receiving their invoice or a $250 late fee will be added.

Payment Options:

Our new website will accept online credit card payments, including the option to pay in 2 installments after the base of $400 for U12-U19 is applied. If the installment option is chosen, payments will be automatically applied on September 11th and October 11th

If you need to make arrangements for offline payment, please contact our Treasurer Angela Charlebois

Childrens Ringette (FUN 1 & FUN 2) - $400
Childrens Ringette (FUN 3) - U19 - $800

A fee of $25 will be charged to all NSF cheques


Additional Costs:

Registration fees do not include team fees or your travel expenses.

Team fees are collected by your team to cover the cost of on ice officials, tournaments, team clothing, etc.


Ice Times

Ringette ice times (practices/games) may be any day of the week.

FUNdamentals 1 and 2 teams have 1 or 2 ice times a week. 

All teams from FUNdamentals 3 to U19 have 20 regular-season games (10 from mid October to Christmas, and 10 from January to early March).  Each team has playoff or exhibition games in March. Tournaments are extra ice times outside of BPRA.



First year discount.  If this is your first year in ringette you will get 50% off your registration.  

  • Childrens Ringette (2014-2020) - use code BPRA-NEW-2023-CR at the time of registration.
  • U12-U19 (2013-2005) - use code BPRA-NEW-2023 at the time of registration.

    Full Time Goalie.  Full-time goalies in U12 to U19 will receive 50% off their registration.
  • Use code BPRA-GOALIE-2023 to apply the discount.

    All Goalies registering with the intent to use this promotion must identify themselves as a full-time goalie at the time of registration.

** discount codes are monitored.