Rules & Policies


Buffalo Plains Ringette Association Constitution

June 2019



BPRA Board Members

BPRA Board Member Roles & Responsibilities May 2022


Playing Rules, Policies & Procedures

Regina Ringette Playing Rules August 2020
Affiliate Player (Temporaty Promotion) Procedure May 2019
Bingo & Voucher Policy  
Event Sanctioning Policy June 2018
Game Change Procedure  
Game Change Form September 2019
Game Sheet and Game Score Policy  
Sample Score Sheet January 2012
Shot Clock Operation October 2017








Conduct Policies

BPRA Appeal Policy February 2020
BPRA Confidentiality Policy February 2020
BPRA Discipline & Complaint Policy February 2020
BPRA Dressing Room Guidelines (Draft)  
BPRA Parent Code of Conduct Policy September 2019
BPRA Privacy Policy February 2020
BPRA Social Media Policy September 2019
BPRA Team Selection Policy (AA/A/B) September 2019
Trans - Inclusion Policy December 2019









Team Formation Policy & Procedure

BPRA Player Movement Policy  
BPRA Player Movement Form  
BPRA Coach Selection Policy September 2019
BPRA Open Team Registration Policy (DRAFT) June 2022