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Welcome to the new BPRA website!!


Thank you to the association for your patience while we were setting up our new website, going trhough a re-brand, and setting up a new registration has been a busy couple months but I am happy to say that we are near completion!

Until we get through this season's regisration and collect all the emails in our new website, this is the place to come to look for any recent announcements/news.  We will also keep our social media accounts up to date as another avenue to stay current on BPRA.  Please share this website and our social media with as many people as you can!

Registration is open for the 2022-2023 season.  You can click on the big Register button, or click on Registration from the top menu. Deadline to register is September 1st.  Any registrations after September 1st will have a $50 late fee automatically applied.

U14AA RUSH Tryouts will be held at the end of August at the Communiskate.  If you are interested in trying out for this team you MUST be registered with BPRA, but you can choose the offline payment option so you do not have to pay the full registration amount. If you are successful in making the team, then you will be invoiced for the full amount and it must be paid by the deadline.  If you are not successful in making the team and will stay playing in BPRA in the B division, you will also be invoiced the full amount, but if you are from RRA, you will be released from our system and must register with RRA. 

The second step for trying out for U14AA RUSH is to complete the tryout registration form which can be found HERE or in the News section of the website above.

Have a great summer everyone, see you at the rink in the fall!
Cara Kirkham
BPRA President