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Mar 20 2023

2022/2023 BPRA AGM

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BPRA Annual General Meeting


The Buffalo Plains Ringette Association (BPRA) Annual General Meeting will be in person on Wednesday, April 26th at 7:00 p.m at the École White City School Library.   


The AGM will review the 2022-23 season, provide an update on financial position, elect board members, and discuss business/motions brought forward by members. BPRA ringette members are welcome to attend the AGM and are invited to submit motions for discussion. 

  • To attend the meeting, please RSVP HERE by April 21, 2023. 

    • The AGM agenda will be emailed out to attendees no later than noon on April 26, 2023. 

  • To  submit motions use the following form HERE  by April 12, 2023. 


The Buffalo Plains Ringette Association hereby calls for nominations for the Executive positions of President and Treasurer for the 2023-24 ringette season.  The following statement defines nomination eligibility:

  • Voting membership is open to parents and guardians of players, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers,  bench staff, officials, volunteers designated by BUFFALO PLAINS, and players eighteen (18) years of age or older.


Nomination Form 


The following Executive positions are available for the 2023-24 season, for a two-year term:


Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Act as Chairperson for all Buffalo Plains Ringette Association (BPRA) General Meeting, Special and Annual Meetings.

  • Ensure that all meeting agendas, discussions, and motions follow the guidelines set forth in the Constitution.

  • Serve as a cosigner on the Buffalo Plains Ringette bank account(s).

  • Receive and resolve concerns from BPRA members.

  • Assist any of the other Board members in their duties as required.

  • Prepare a report for all General Meetings and for the Annual General Meeting.

  • Liaise with RAS and the Regina Ringette Association and is available to represent BPRA as required.



Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Be fully informed on BPRA matters and participate in discussions and decisions. 

  • Prepare a yearly budget (in consultation with the BPRA Executive) and financial statements as required for each Board meeting and the AGM, grant applications that will benefit BPRA, etc.

  • Ensure that required government and other third party reports (Non-Profit Corporation license and signed financial review) are prepared and submitted by the annual deadlines.

  • Maintain and reconcile the bookkeeping system and all bank accounts, make records available and coordinate audits/financial reviews as required.

  • Serve as a cosigner on the Buffalo Plains Ringette bank account(s).

  • Handle all financial transactions promptly (invoicing, collection and payments).


For a full list of responsibilities please visit Roles and Responsibilities


In addition, BPRA is also looking for the following Directorship positions. If you would like more information, or are interested in any of these available positions, please email no later than Friday, April 21, 2023:

  • Director, Sport/Player Development

  • Director, Officiating

  • Scheduling (current Scheduler will train new Scheduler)

  • BP Charge Tournament Coordinator 

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